The Hangover Part II

Title: The Hangover part II (Sverige: Baksmällan del 2)
Genre: Comedy
Release: May 25th, 2011 (In the theaters, Sweden)
Plot: Stu is getting married in Thailand. He wants his bachelor party to be safe and calm- but when all the guys are involved that is hard to live up to.

Victoria: I just love it ! I loved the first movie, and I am not disappointed in the second!
Ninnie: The first one is the most awesome comedy ever! And I'm not disappointed either. BUT it's nothing compared to the first one.
Victoria: Well, I wouldn't say it's "nothing". I mean it's kinda hard to do a follow-up, but I think they made it really good. Even though it practically is the exact same story and the same jokes I still think it was hilarious.
Ninnie: Ok, "nothing" is the wrong word. And you're right! I have to say that this one contains more action.
Victoria: So tell me, what makes the first one better? Let's say this one would have been the first The hangover movie. Would you still have preferred the (actual) first one?
Ninnie: Yes I would have. I think they exaggerated a bit too much in the second. Ok, I sound really negative! I do like it, don't get me wrong, I just want to be a bit of a critic.
Victoria: Yeah, I get you and I see your point. So, were there anything you thought was better in this one?
Ninnie: Hm? Well the fact that you know the characters from the begining is awesome and... hm? what do you say?
Victoria: Yeah that's all that comes to mind for me too. Who do you think should watch this movie?
Ninnie: Everyone who loved the first one! Let's face it, Alan is the most awesome person, and who wouldn't wanna see him again! Who shouldn't watch it V?
Victoria: Young kids. Haha. And people with no sense of humor ;) No I don't know. I'm not sure my parents would find it as awesome as I do. 
Ninnie: Haha true!

Sum up: Awesome Movie! You HAVE TO watch it if you've seen and enjoyed the first one!

Victoria: 4,7/5

Peas & Carrots /V&N