Hot Tub Time Machine

Title: Hot Tub Time Machine
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi
Release: October 27th (DVD, Sweden)
Actors: John Cusack, Clark Duke, Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, Chevy Chase
Plot: The four best friends Adam, Lou, Nick and Jacob have all grown tired of their adult life. They go on a skiing holiday and after partying in the hotel's Hot Tub they wake up in the 80s.

Ninnie: You've been telling me for a while now that this is an awsome movie so I really had my hopes up. And well, it was really good don't get me wrong, just maybe not as good as you made me believe. Bad Victoria! Haha.
Victoria: See, what I've come to notice is that all the movies I've watched in the movies in The States a few months ago were much funnier then. It's a difference when watching them in DVD, I think. This is a funny movie- yes, but I remember it being more funny.
Ninnie: Okay sure. So what's good about it?
Victoria: Well first of all I like the whole concept of the time machine and them going back to the 80's! Second of all the concept that they could do whatever they wanted with their past- OR had to stick with the past that led them to their predetermined future.
Ninnie: Agree! There's something about this movie that I didn't like but I just can't put my finger on it. But all in all it's good!

Sum up: Funny movie that we recommend you watch with a bunch of friends. Dont't have your hopes up cause then you will enjoy it more.

Ninnie: 4/5
Victoria: 4,2/5



Cop Out

Title: Cop Out
Genre: Action, Comedy
Release: October 13th (DVD Sweden)
Actors: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Seann William Scott, Adam Brody
Plot: Jimmy & Paul --> two cops , not in the top ten at NYPD. Jimmys daughter is getting married and the only way he will be able to pay for it is if he sells an antique basesball card. Unfortunately it gets stolen and Jimmy and Paul will do anything to get it back.

Victoria: Tracy Morgan is so funny in this one! The whole movie has a lot of funny moments.
Ninnie: Yes true! This is not the ultimate action comedy  movie but definitely one of the better ones.
Victoria: Yeah. The story is pretty good and the acting as well. What did you like best about it?
Ninnie: Hm? Tracy Morgan!
Victoria: Indeed. I don't really have anything more to say about it actually. It is definitely watchable, I mean I definitely think you should watch it.

Sum up: Not the perfect action comedy movie but still good!

Ninnie: 3,7
Victoria: 3,9

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Title: Killers
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance, Thriller
Release: October 20 (DVD, Sweden)
Actors: Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl
Plot: Jen finally meets the man of her dreams, Spencer. What she doesn't know is that she marries an ex "killer".

Ninnie: Let me just say wow. This is a perfect action comedy movie!
Victoria: It definitely is. Killers is like the face of the perfect action comedy (and romance) movie! If someone would ask me for a good (or great) movie in this genre I would totally say this one.
Ninnie: Yes. I laughed and was super tense at the same time. There were some really funny scenes. They really caught the "normal" life situation at the same time as something really exciting was happening.
Victoria: Oh yes. Both Kutcher and Heigl does a great job on the acting part. They are both really funny and connect really well...... and a plus for the female viewers: Ashton Kutcher is HOT!
Ninnie: Oh yeah! Any bad parts in the movie?
Victoria: Nope. Can't think of any. You?
Ninnie: Nope. I loved it!

Sum up:  A perfect action/comedy/romantic movie. It has it all and a little bit more. The perfect combination!

Victoria: 5/5

Ninnie: 5/5

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Prince of Persia

Title: Prince of Persia (The Sands of Time)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Remember
Release: September 22 (DVD, Sweden)
Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina
Plot: The brave prince Daston decides to help a rival princess Tamina and protect a special (magical) dagger. This dagger has the ability to change and turn back time

Victoria: I don't really like"these kinds" of movies. I happen to think they are usually always the same, and that there are boring wars and conflicts going on all the time. But somehow this one manage to be a little different and for some reason I liked it.
Ninnie: I see your point. I usually end up liking these kinds of movies even though I think I won't. And this is not an exception. It was exciting from the start and continued that way 'til the end. It's not the best adventure/fantasy/action movie I've seen but it's definitely a good one,
Victoria: Yes. It was really exciting all way through. As the viewer you think that everything will be solved every 10min and then something else appears and just turns it back around again. It had an interesting story and the action parts were really cool.
Ninnie: Yes, I love his awesome "moves"! They're not really realistic but I was impressed anyway haha. So what's bad about "Prince of Persia"?
Victoria: I don't really have anything bad-bad to say about the movie. I'm not saying it's a perfect movie, but no, I can't really think of anything in particular that was bad about it. If you have anything, go ahead and fill me in.
Ninnie: Hm? No, I think I totally agree on that.

Sum up: A good adventurous movie. Cool action scenes and a pretty exciting story.

Ninnie: 3,7/5

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Date Night

Title: Date Night
Genre: Action comedy
Release: August 18 (DVD sweden)
Actors: Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Mark Wahlberg
Plot: Phil and Claire Foster is a married and pretty bored couple from New Jersey. When they finaly decide to go some place else on their weekly date night, they end up taking someone else's reservation on a restaurant, the Tripplehorns. This is a huge mistake and some very dangerous people are mistaking on their identities. Their romantic evening does not turn out as they planned, not at all.

Ninnie: This is a really funny movie. Love the actors and their characters in "Date Night"
Victoria: Yeah, both Carell and Fey are two great actors. Always hilarious in whatever they do, and they don't fail in this one either!   
Ninnie: Agree! The movie has a funny story and funny characters so it just can't fail. But were there anything you didn't like about it? And which part of the movie did you enjoy the most? Without spilling to much.
Victoria: Hmm.... Something I didn't like about the movie.. well, in that case I'd just say like random small unnecessary things about it, I guess- really nothing major or that comes to mind.
I don't think there is like one specific  part of the movie that I like best,  I just really like the way Steve Carell and Tina Fey act together. Every scene with them together is just always funny (and the movie is 99% only them.. so..). I liked when Steves character tried to be a tough guy- when he is obviously so not. Haha.
Ninnie: Haha yes, awesome. Also, I loved the awesome taxidriver.

Sum up: Funny characters, funny actors and a funny and exciting story. What else can we say, it's simply a very good action comedy movie.

Victoria: 4,4/5
Ninnie: 4,5/5

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Gentlemen Broncos

Title: Gentlemen Broncos
Genre: Comedy
Release: October 13th (DVD, Sweden)
Plot: Benjamin is a pretty average teenager who loves to write fantasy sci-fi stories, but he doesn't think they are good enough. He attends a Fantasy Writers Convention where the famous writer Chevalier is the guest judge . Benjamin later finds out that his story has been stolen.

Ninnie: Gentlemen Broncos has a lot of super awesome/cool characters. You can definitely tell that this is the same director as Napoleon Dynamite.
Victoria: Oh yes. And Nacho Libre. Two good movies. I laughed so much to Hector Jiménez who plays Lonnie. He's hilarious. In many ways it's not a great movie, but the characters and the awesomeness makes it funny.
Ninnie: Oh yes Lonnie Haha! Awesome! Yeah totally. I think a lot of people would ask themselves like "What kind of movie is this? Like whats the deal with it?" But if you like Napoleon Dynamite you will like this one too. It's a "special" kind.
Victoria: It doesn't have what I, personally, think Napoleon Dynamite has, but it's definitely in the same category and it has the same humor. I liked the style of the movie, and the soundtrack was pretty sweet too.
Ninnie: True, N.D is slightly better. So the story....?
Victoria: ... is good. Not very special, but it works and I liked Benjamins (the main character) writing and his ideas. What did you specifically not like about it?
Ninnie: Hm? Maybe the fact that it is a little lame if you don't have that kind of humor.

Sum up: Funny, weird and a pretty goofy movie.

Victoria: 3,8/5
Ninnie: 3,6/5

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Mary & Max

Title: Mary & Max
Genre: Animation, drama, comedy
Release: October 6 (DVD Sweden)
Actors: ----------
Plot: 8 year old Mary from Australia is a lonely child who decides to write to a random person in America to ask if babies in the US also comes from beer cans. 44 year old Max is the chosen reciever, who is as lonely as she is, maybe even worse. He suffers from Aspergers, obesity, anxiety and a lot of other mental illnesses. They continue writing year after year and learn about each others problems.

Victoria: I thought it was a cute movie ! And that it was made in clay was cool, kinda like Wallace & Gromit.
Ninnie: Yes I really liked that Marys story was in sepia and Max's black and white and some small colored details. It made it personal. What did you think about the story itself?
Victoria: The story was interesting, I thought they made it really good. This is not like anything (kinda) you've seen before- it's always nice to watch something different.
Ninnie: Yes true! Some people might find it dull, but I really enjoyed it. Laughed a few times and I was really sympathizing with them.
Victoria: Yeah. It's a weird yet very interesting movie, and I was really "stuck" in it and was interested in how it would end- would they ever meet and how etc?
Ninnie: Anything bad?
Victoria: If you're really tired it is very easy to fall asleep while watching it since it is very gray and slow in a way.

Sum up: An Interesting and different story that requires attention, which is worth it.

Victoria: 3,9/5
Ninnie: 3,9/5

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Man On Fire

Title: Man On Fire
Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller
Release: April 6th, 2004 (DVD Sweden)
Actors: Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Marc Anthony
Plot: A family in Mexico City, where child kidnapping is part of every day life, hires Creasy, a previous CIA agent to be the bodyguard of their 10 year old daughter Pita. Creasy and Pita develops a close relationship. He is willing to do anything to protect Pita.

Victoria: The story blew me away.
Ninnie: Totally! And I cant believe how a 10 (about 10) year old could be such a great actress! Incredible!
Victoria: Dakota Fanning does a fantastic job- there's no doubt about that!  This movie is close to 2h30min, but I can honestly say it was interesting all through those 150 minutes.
Ninnie: Indeed! I love the way they've cut every scene and the light settings is great too.
Victoria: Yes, everything is so nicely made, the colors, the pictures, the actors and characters and the story. Man On Fire was requested by one of our readers and I believe I can say that I really loved this movie. I don't cry to movies, but if I would, I'd cry my heart out in the end.
Ninnie: Yes I loved it too. Victoria was there anything you disliked?
Victoria: Not really, to be honest. What about you?
Ninnie: Hm? Some might be disappointed that the action starts after about an hour, but personally I think it's fine the way it is.
Victoria: But then again- how often does the action start right away in a movie? Was the movie predictable?
Ninnie: No it really wasn't.

Victoria: Sum up: Great- double great- movie. Really touching story, amazing acting and there's no doubt about it- you should definitely watch Man On Fire!

Ninnie: 5/5
Victoria: 5/5

Peas & Carrots/V&N


Youth in Revolt

Title: Youth in Revolt
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Release: October 13th (DVD, Sweden)
Actors: Michael Cera, Portia Doubleday, Jean Smart
Plot: Nick Twisp, a teenage boy, who meets a girl and falls inlove. She wants him to be more of a rebel, which he's not. He creates an alter ego and changes his lifestyle drastically.

Victoria: The thing is I'm always gonna like a movie when Micheal Cera is in it (one exception- Year One). But I just love him. If Ninnie has a crush on the Adam character in the movie "Adam", I have a crush on Micheal Cera. Haha.
Ninnie: I hear you! Like if Micheal Cera hadn't had a part in this movie I would have thought that this was just a typical highschool American Pie kind of movie. But Micheal Cera changed my opinion.
Victoria: Yeah, I do think though- that even if Cera wouldn't have been in this one it would still be better than an American Pie movie. I just love Micheals ability to play such an innocent guy (kinda the way you "know" him), and in this movie I loved how he showed that he also can play a "badass".
Ninnie: The acting performance from the rest of the cast was nothing major and not very impressive, but not bad.
True. I really like this movie- I'm not sure if I like it this much just because it's with M.C, but I think it's a funny movie!
Ninnie: Yes I agree. Who should and who shouldn't watch it?
Victoria: I actually think that someone who's looking for an easy, funny movie should give it a shot.

Sum up:
A funny yet not brilliant comedy. Worth watching if you're between 13 to 30 years old.

Victoria: 4/5
Ninnie: 3,7/5

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The Runaways

Title: The Runaways
Genre: Drama, Biography, Drama, Music
Release: October 6th (DVD, Sweden)
Actors: Kristen StewartDakota Fanning, Michael Shannon
Plot: You get to follow Joan and Cherie from the beginning of their career, through the top and to the bottom.

Ninnie: An interetsting story actually, maybe a bit too much of a typical rockband story.
Victoria: True, it's always interesting to watch bios, in my opinion. This wasn't a great one, not bad, not just a "wow" movie.
Ninnie: Yes that's true! Acting?
Victoria: I think both Kristen and Dakota did a good job playing Joan and Cherie. I'd say Kristen did a slightly better job though. What was awesome vs awful about The Runaways, Ninnie?
Ninnie: Nothing was really awesome. But the good part; interesting story and over all good. Bad part; like I said pretty typical and not very very "exciting".
Victoria: Yeah, I know what you mean- over all I can say it was a decent movie, but nothing extraordinary. 
Ninnie: And yea right the music and the pictures are nice too.
Victoria: Indeed.

Sum up: This is not a movie for people who "dislike" and have no interest in female rockbands (from back in the days, kinda). But if you do it's totally worth watching.

Victoria: 3/5
Ninnie: 3,2/5

Peas & Carrots/V&N



Title: Invictus 
Genre: Drama 
Release: August 25th (DVD, Sweden) 
Actors: Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon 
Plot: The movie tells the biographical story of Nelson Mandela and how he, together with the captain of the South African Rugby team tries to unite the country.

Victoria: Well, I watched this one alone, so I guess I'll have my own discussion here.  I am not the biggest political fan ever, nor do I care much for the sport of rugby. But this movie does have something else than that. The story itself, and knowing the background to it makes it special. Morgan Freeman does an extraordinary performance of Nelson Mandela (what else can you expect? And who else would be more suitable to play this part better than just Freeman.).
Ninnie: What was bad and good about it?
Victoria: Well, the bad part is just personal for me, and that's the fact that it contains two of the things that I'm not all that hype about- politics and rugby. It is also a quite long movie, and although it is pretty interesting through out it all, it does feel rather long.
Good about it is obviously the acting and performance of Freeman. Matt Damon does a good job too.

Victoria: I think that this is a movie you should watch when you know you will REALLY watch a movie and pay attention to it, otherwise it won't be good at all.
I like the African music in it !

Victoria: 3,3/5

Peas & Carrots/V&N