Going the distance

Title: Going the Distance
Genre: Comedy
Release: February  23, 2011 (DVD Sweden)
Plot: Erin (Drew) and Garrett (Justin) meet and fall in love. Only thing is, they live on each site of the country and they now have to try to have a distance relationship. That is not always the easiest thing.

Victoria: I really like the chosen actors in this movie. Also, I fell a little bit in love with the story.
Ninnie: It's really nice yes. Funny and cute! Hm? What else is there to say? Haha, I'm already out.
Victoria: Oh. I'm not sure it's a good thing we are out of comments already haha. But who shoud watch this movie?
Ninnie: Hm? Well people who has been in this kind of situation will probably enjoy it. And well everyone who wants a good rom/com (heter det så? Vet inte ?? kanske det gör ^^), both dudes and chicks! Bad part?
Victoria: Honestly I can not think of any bad parts. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. Do you have something?
Ninnie: Nope!

Sum up: Cute, funny and interesting story for both genders.

Ninnie: 4,5/5
Victoria: 4,6/5

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Pirates of the Caribbean 4, On stranger tides

Title: Pirates of the Carribbean 4, On stranger tides
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release: May 18th, 2011 (World Premiere)
Actors: Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane
Plot: Follow Jack Sparrow in his attempt to find the Fountain of Youth.

Victoria: We watched it in 3D in the movies and I must say this movie is NOT worth watching in 3D. There were practically no effects whatsoever. So kind of dissappointed in that area, but since I love all the Pirates movies I like this one as well. A good follow-up, but not AS good as the first 3.
Ninnie: Not as good at all! Don't get me wrong it's still a very good one! I think it would have been better if Kiera Knightley (Elisabeth) and Orlando Bloom (Will) would have been in it. But as long as Depp (Jack Sparrow) is in it I'm ok with it.
Victoria: Yes. I never really like when you remove the main characters in movies (or shows..), so that is actually a big minus. But if I should review the movie itself and leave out the negative comments (on 3D and removing main characters) I think it's an exciting movie and it still has the famous Pirates-of-the-Carribbean-feeling to it, which is a BIG plus.
Ninnie: True! You gotta love the music! Powerful! At least to us pirates fans Haha! Acting wise?
Victoria: You gotta love Depps performances in all the movies, and he doesn't fail in this one either. I must say I'm no fan of Cruz in this movie. I have nothing against her as an actress, but she doesn't fit in this movie and therefor I'm a little annoyed by her acting. Might just be me, but yeah. That's my opinion. What do you say?
Ninnie: Omg, so true! I didn't realize this until you said it, but oh God it's true. I was totally annoyed by her acting while watching but I didn't really think about it, just like subconsciously.

Sum Up: Can't even be compared to the other POTC movies but still really good and exciting! And a must-see if you've seen the other ones (If you haven't you should)!

Victoria: 3,5/5
Ninnie: 3,6/5

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Life as we know it

Title: Life as we know it
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Release: May 11, 2011 (DVD Sweden)
Actors: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel
Plot: Holly and Messer are two single people with very different lifestyles. Unfortunately their mutual best friends dies in a car accident, and leaves Holly and Messer to become caregivers to their daughter, together.

I found this movie very entertaining and cute!
I adored this movie ! It's so neat ! I mean, I thought Life As We Know It would be just like the average romantic comedy,  but it had that "little extra" a movie needs to have to be slightly better than the rest in this genre.
Ninnie: True. They're both great actors and Josh Duhamel is great for this part, a tough but still soft guy.Heigl is alor great for her part. Do you think this is like similar to any other movie?
Victoria: I can't put a name on a movie it would be similar to, but it feels like it is. I do think it's a little different with the baby story and all that, and it's a pretty obvious movie, but all a long it's very emotional. My sister cried a little ^^ Is it more of a chick flick than a guys movie?
Ninnie: Hm? In a way yes. But I think that a mature guy would like this, the kind of guy who wants a family in some way, some day. But yes I do believe it's more of a movie for women, but to all you guys out there, it is funny and interesting! What do you say,Victoria?
Victoria: Yeah it's a chick flick, but like you say, if guys like those kinds of movies they will like this one too!

Sum up: A cute and entertaining romantic/drama comedy movie that is slightly better than the average chick flick.

Ninnie: 4/5

Victoria: 4/5

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Jackass 3D

Title: Jackass 3D
Genre: Documentary, comedy, action
Release: March 30, 2011 (DVD Sweden)

They're idiots but you just gotta love them! They're freakin' awesome!
Victoria: Right?! If you've liked what they have done before you won't be disappointed. They have new crazy stuff going on and it's highly disgusting and awesome to watch!
Ninnie: Totally. Hm? This might be the best one actually! Or well actually I shouldn't say anything about that since it was a very long time ago I saw the other ones. They do have more disgusting scenes in this one, I personally like the dary things they do more.
Victoria: Yeah. So do I. In a way I don't have much more to add, I feel that if you know how and who they are and what they do you will either, if you like them, watch it and like this one or, if you don't like them, you won't like it. If you know what I mean.
Ninnie: True, but what do you say about the things they do, like do you think they're doing more risky things in this one or do you think that the fact that they're getting older they do easier stuff?
Victoria: No I believe they are worse haha. I mean they have always done weird stuff, and they do not disappoint the viewer in this movie. I don't notice them getting older. (Sounds like they are seniors or something now haha.)
Ninnie: (Haha yes totally.) I agree!  

Sum up: As awesome as always!

Victoria: 4/5 

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Winner of Guess the Movie #4

Dudes We've totally forgotten to publish the winners of Guess the movie #4.
Only 2 people made a guess and of course they won :P

1. Christian "Chrisse" Carlsson
2. Desi Tue

And the answer is: I love you man! Congratz! :D