Jackass 3D

Title: Jackass 3D
Genre: Documentary, comedy, action
Release: March 30, 2011 (DVD Sweden)

They're idiots but you just gotta love them! They're freakin' awesome!
Victoria: Right?! If you've liked what they have done before you won't be disappointed. They have new crazy stuff going on and it's highly disgusting and awesome to watch!
Ninnie: Totally. Hm? This might be the best one actually! Or well actually I shouldn't say anything about that since it was a very long time ago I saw the other ones. They do have more disgusting scenes in this one, I personally like the dary things they do more.
Victoria: Yeah. So do I. In a way I don't have much more to add, I feel that if you know how and who they are and what they do you will either, if you like them, watch it and like this one or, if you don't like them, you won't like it. If you know what I mean.
Ninnie: True, but what do you say about the things they do, like do you think they're doing more risky things in this one or do you think that the fact that they're getting older they do easier stuff?
Victoria: No I believe they are worse haha. I mean they have always done weird stuff, and they do not disappoint the viewer in this movie. I don't notice them getting older. (Sounds like they are seniors or something now haha.)
Ninnie: (Haha yes totally.) I agree!  

Sum up: As awesome as always!

Victoria: 4/5 

Peas & Carrots /V&N

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