Life as we know it

Title: Life as we know it
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Release: May 11, 2011 (DVD Sweden)
Actors: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel
Plot: Holly and Messer are two single people with very different lifestyles. Unfortunately their mutual best friends dies in a car accident, and leaves Holly and Messer to become caregivers to their daughter, together.

I found this movie very entertaining and cute!
I adored this movie ! It's so neat ! I mean, I thought Life As We Know It would be just like the average romantic comedy,  but it had that "little extra" a movie needs to have to be slightly better than the rest in this genre.
Ninnie: True. They're both great actors and Josh Duhamel is great for this part, a tough but still soft guy.Heigl is alor great for her part. Do you think this is like similar to any other movie?
Victoria: I can't put a name on a movie it would be similar to, but it feels like it is. I do think it's a little different with the baby story and all that, and it's a pretty obvious movie, but all a long it's very emotional. My sister cried a little ^^ Is it more of a chick flick than a guys movie?
Ninnie: Hm? In a way yes. But I think that a mature guy would like this, the kind of guy who wants a family in some way, some day. But yes I do believe it's more of a movie for women, but to all you guys out there, it is funny and interesting! What do you say,Victoria?
Victoria: Yeah it's a chick flick, but like you say, if guys like those kinds of movies they will like this one too!

Sum up: A cute and entertaining romantic/drama comedy movie that is slightly better than the average chick flick.

Ninnie: 4/5

Victoria: 4/5

Peas & Carrots / V&N

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