Title: Paul
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Release: June 22, 2011 (Theater Sweden)
Actors: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kristen Wiig
Plot: Graeme and Clive are two sci-fi nerds who are looking for UFOs in America. They bump into Paul, an alien who has been trapped in a military base his whole life and he wants to escape! Along the trip they are beeing chased by FBI agents!  

Ninnie: This is my kind of movie! Sort of! I recognize myself in the main characters Graeme and Clive.
Victoria: I want my own Paul guy! I'm not even kidding, I want him as my friend ! Haha
Ninnie: Totally! Ok this movie is not suitable for everyone. You kind of need to be a nerd in some way.
Victoria: For sure ! I've only heard from others that they liked it, I haven't heard anyone say it's a bad movie, but sure everyone might not like it. The characters in the movie are the best! The two nerd guys, Paul and like everone. Was there anything negative about it?
Ninnie: Hm? I really can't think of anything! There's actually not much more to say about "Paul". It's a good movie and you should watch it if you like nerdy movies.

Sum up: Watch it, laugh and like it! And a big plus: They're brittish which we love!

Ninnie: 4/5
Victoria: 4,1/5

Peas & Carrots /V&N