Title: Invictus 
Genre: Drama 
Release: August 25th (DVD, Sweden) 
Actors: Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon 
Plot: The movie tells the biographical story of Nelson Mandela and how he, together with the captain of the South African Rugby team tries to unite the country.

Victoria: Well, I watched this one alone, so I guess I'll have my own discussion here.  I am not the biggest political fan ever, nor do I care much for the sport of rugby. But this movie does have something else than that. The story itself, and knowing the background to it makes it special. Morgan Freeman does an extraordinary performance of Nelson Mandela (what else can you expect? And who else would be more suitable to play this part better than just Freeman.).
Ninnie: What was bad and good about it?
Victoria: Well, the bad part is just personal for me, and that's the fact that it contains two of the things that I'm not all that hype about- politics and rugby. It is also a quite long movie, and although it is pretty interesting through out it all, it does feel rather long.
Good about it is obviously the acting and performance of Freeman. Matt Damon does a good job too.

Victoria: I think that this is a movie you should watch when you know you will REALLY watch a movie and pay attention to it, otherwise it won't be good at all.
I like the African music in it !

Victoria: 3,3/5

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