The Runaways

Title: The Runaways
Genre: Drama, Biography, Drama, Music
Release: October 6th (DVD, Sweden)
Actors: Kristen StewartDakota Fanning, Michael Shannon
Plot: You get to follow Joan and Cherie from the beginning of their career, through the top and to the bottom.

Ninnie: An interetsting story actually, maybe a bit too much of a typical rockband story.
Victoria: True, it's always interesting to watch bios, in my opinion. This wasn't a great one, not bad, not just a "wow" movie.
Ninnie: Yes that's true! Acting?
Victoria: I think both Kristen and Dakota did a good job playing Joan and Cherie. I'd say Kristen did a slightly better job though. What was awesome vs awful about The Runaways, Ninnie?
Ninnie: Nothing was really awesome. But the good part; interesting story and over all good. Bad part; like I said pretty typical and not very very "exciting".
Victoria: Yeah, I know what you mean- over all I can say it was a decent movie, but nothing extraordinary. 
Ninnie: And yea right the music and the pictures are nice too.
Victoria: Indeed.

Sum up: This is not a movie for people who "dislike" and have no interest in female rockbands (from back in the days, kinda). But if you do it's totally worth watching.

Victoria: 3/5
Ninnie: 3,2/5

Peas & Carrots/V&N

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