Mary & Max

Title: Mary & Max
Genre: Animation, drama, comedy
Release: October 6 (DVD Sweden)
Actors: ----------
Plot: 8 year old Mary from Australia is a lonely child who decides to write to a random person in America to ask if babies in the US also comes from beer cans. 44 year old Max is the chosen reciever, who is as lonely as she is, maybe even worse. He suffers from Aspergers, obesity, anxiety and a lot of other mental illnesses. They continue writing year after year and learn about each others problems.

Victoria: I thought it was a cute movie ! And that it was made in clay was cool, kinda like Wallace & Gromit.
Ninnie: Yes I really liked that Marys story was in sepia and Max's black and white and some small colored details. It made it personal. What did you think about the story itself?
Victoria: The story was interesting, I thought they made it really good. This is not like anything (kinda) you've seen before- it's always nice to watch something different.
Ninnie: Yes true! Some people might find it dull, but I really enjoyed it. Laughed a few times and I was really sympathizing with them.
Victoria: Yeah. It's a weird yet very interesting movie, and I was really "stuck" in it and was interested in how it would end- would they ever meet and how etc?
Ninnie: Anything bad?
Victoria: If you're really tired it is very easy to fall asleep while watching it since it is very gray and slow in a way.

Sum up: An Interesting and different story that requires attention, which is worth it.

Victoria: 3,9/5
Ninnie: 3,9/5

Peas & Carrots /V&N

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