Four Lions


Title: Four Lions
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release: In the Movie Theaters Feb 4th (Sweden)
Actors: Riz Ahmed, Arsher Ali, Nigel Lindsay, Kayvan Novak, Adeel Akhtar
Plot: Four Lions follows 4 British jihadists, each with their own unique character, who decides to become suicide bombers. 

Ninnie: Ok I sort off don't know what to think about this movie. Do I like it or not? Victora, you seemed to enjoy it anyway.
Victoria: Haha, yes I did. I thought they made it pretty hilarious with their clumsyness. Even though it is a quite serious thing we are talking about here I think the director, Christopher Morris, managed to take the seriousness out and only focus on finding something fun about it. 
Ninnie: Yes definitely. I had a really hard time enjoying it. I did laugh from time to time but mostly I just thought of how serious this actually is. It's kind of lame to think that way since almost every movie contains things that could and have happened in reality, but I did anyway. You have to have a open mind to this one as you say.
Victoria:  True. I kinda think that this is a movie that you either love (like a lot) or hate (really dislike). I'm sure it will make the audience talk and discuss the matter and the movie. I'm also sure it will be discussions in the media about it as well.
Ninnie: Well I didn't love it and I didn't hate it. So, no Victoria that's not right Haha. I liked it in some parts and disliked it in other.
Victoria:  I don't mean it that way, I just mean that either you have a more positive attitude against it or a negative. You seem to be more negative about it, than -in this case- me. So who do you think should watch Four Lions?
Ninnie: Ok fine. Yes, I believe I do.
Hm? Well, not the too serious ones anyway. As for me, I don't regret watching it. If I would have the option to choose to watch it again for the first time (despite knowing that I won't find it THAT good) I would. Hm? I have a hard time saying who should and who shouldn't. Help me Victoria.
Victoria: I hear ya, it is hard. In some way I feel that anyone can watch it- since I think people are going to think so differently about it. I'd say if you like humor about people being clumsy and don't take movies toooo seriously, you will find Four Lions funny. If that's not your thing- well I think you could still give it a try, but then this is not a "must-see" for you.
Ninnie: True, very true. Ok, so I just watched it again in my head, and when I think about the funny parts I realize that it's really funny! Excluding the seriousness. 

Sum up: Funny movie about a serious matter. Might not be appropriate to a younger audience. Very special movie, not like any other.

Ninnie: 3/5
Victoria: 4/5

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