Get him to the Greek

Title: Get him to the Greek
Genre: Comedy
Release: January 19 (DVD Sweden)
Plot: Aaron is an intern at a record company, his mission is to get the Brittish rock star Aldous Snow to a concert in L.A, at the Greek Theater. It's not as easy as you might think, especially when someone's on drugs.

Not a good start but it definitely gets better after a while.
Victoria: True. Very true. I really like Jonah Hill as an actor, so I was hoping that, once his character would show up more I would like the movie a lot more. Russell Brand is very special. Sometimes I think he's too much, sometimes his accent is too awesome for me not to like him haha.
Ninnie: Haha I couldn't agree with you more. Jonah Hill in an awesome actor and he does an incredible job in this movie. Russell Brand is perfect for the character, I don't think anyone could have done it better. He is a bit too much as you say but it's perfect for this one. The story is quite entertaining and as you told me before I watched it, it's really easy to watch "Get Him To The Greek".
Victoria: It sure is a very easy going movie. It is purely made to entertain the watcher, and I think it succeeds. I'm not saying it's the best movie ever, but I think it's watchable. Like, if you have seen Russells (Ex. Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Jonahs (Ex. Superbad) other movies and you like them you will enjoy this one as well. But if you know that you think they are bad or just too much, or just don't like this type of genre you will think the same about this one. For sure.
What is the negative parts about this movie?
Ninnie: So True! Bad part is as I mentioned, the beginning, it's so lame.
Some people might react to the bad language they're using, you get use to it though and it's like super common in this type of movie. I'm just saying that it's not suitable for everyone. Otherwise there's nothing bad in specific. What do you say?
Victoria: I agree. That's like the only bad part. I mean, it's obviously not a 5/5 movie, but it's definitely worth watching for entertainment. Any specific good parts in it?
Ninnie: Hear ya. Hm? Not really more then the great chose of actors and a easy going movie.

Sum Up: OK, easy going, great character/actor match. Entertaining but not suitable for everyone considering actors and language.

Ninnie: 3,7/5
Victoria: 3,9/5

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