Title: Frozen
Genre: Thriller
Release: September 28 (DVD Sweden)
Plot: Three friends goes on a skiing trip and manage to get stuck in the lift at night and everyone has left the resort. No one will be back until next weekend. How will they survive the freezing cold weather, hunger and ... the wolves.

Victoria: Dude, I was so caught up in this movie, I could totally feel the pain they were in! So awful! (the movie wasn't awful, just the pain)
Ninnie: Totally! It was really exciting even though it didn't contain much action. Some parts were really freaky!
Victoria: Yes, my body like hurts from watching it, I almost panicked everytime something happened.
Ninnie: Yea, I have to say that's the best part of the movie, all the freaky parts were your own body can imagine how it would feel like, though probably far from the real feeling. Bad part?
Victoria: Hm. I guess the only thing would be that if you are looking for action you won't find too much of it in Frozen. It's a kinda calm yet horrifying movie. Otherwise I think I was too caught up in the movie to think of something bad. You got something?
Ninnie: No, nothing.

Sum up: Non actionfilled, yet very exciting and terrifying movie that won't leave you without feeling any empathy.

Ninnie: 4,2/5
Victoria: 4,3/5

Peas & Carrots/V&N

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