The Muppet Christmas Carol

Title: The Muppet Christmas Carol
Genre: Family, Comedy, Fantasy
Release: December 17 1992
Actors: Michael Caine 

Ninnie: It's funny, sad and exciting! I really like it! Although I think that the first version, of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol, you see is the one that you'll like the most. This was not the first one I saw there for not my personal favorite. Mine is definitely "Mickey's Christmas Carol". But still, it's really, really nice.
Victoria: Yeah I know what you mean. "luckily" (?) I can't remember Mickye's version very well (but I know that one is the only one I've watched before) so for me this one is special  I really like the characters in this version and how they make it funny with funny songs and so on....
Ninnie: Yes totally! If this is the first one you see, you'll love it! It's filled with Christmas spirit! If you know the songs you'll definitely "feel something" every time you sing them.
Victoria: Yeah I think it really gives you a spirit, which I think a Christmas movie should do... Can you find something less good about it?
Ninnie: Hm? Well I think that sometimes to much singing can destroy a movie, But then again it's Christmas and you're suppose to sing. And well of course I have to point out that for example when they're flying (it looks superduper lame and fake, but it's totally OK in this kind of movie. What do you say?
Victoria: I agree, well as long as the songs are nice it's ok, so I can't say it destroyed the movie. Not that I think you mean it that way anyway... But yeah, no otherwise I can't really think of anything. I think they made this one really good- a real classic.
Ninnie: No you're right that's not what I meant at all. And I agree!

Sum Up: Great Christmasy movie if you wanna get in the mood for the Holidays. It's good because it's both funny, exciting and sad, and if you're looking for a good Christmas carol and you haven't yet seen this one- see it!

Ninnie: 4,0/5
Victoria: 4,2/5

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  1. Samuel! boooya!29 december 2010 16:21

    AWESOME SUPER MOVIE =) givf 5! ;)