Title: Oceans
Genre: Documentary, Animals
Release: Mars 2nd, 2011 (DVD, Sweden)
Director: Jacques Perrin
Plot: Follow Director Jacques Perrin and his team and explore the ocean and everything it has to offer. 50 different places on Earth and 100 different animals. 

Victoria: We've been so excited to watch this one, since we both love watching movies that involves water, and yes all the water parts were awesome ! BUT, big fail was that it was such a quite movie! Barely no comments at all. Someone said something like 5 times. It got pretty boring.
Ninnie: Totally! A dissappointement. I really think I would have enjoyed it more if I'd seen it in 3D at the movies. I mean it's beautiful don't get me wrong but I was really looking forward to learn things about the fishes and the ocean.
Victoria: Definitely! If I would compare this one with the movie Earth I saw like last year or 2 years ago, I liked that one so much better. The filming and all that was the same, they were in the ocean and in nature and so on, but they had people talking about what it showed and comments about it and stuff, which made the movie sooo much more interesting to watch.
Ninnie: I haven't seen Earth but I sure want to now Haha. Yes this is a great 20 minutes long video but after that I'm afraid it stops beeing entertaining.

 Sum up: Definitely a movie with interesting footage and cool clips with beautiful creatures in the ocean, but we dislike the fact that there is barley no one saying anything through out it. 

Ninnie: 2,9/5 
Victoria: 2,7/5 (Feels strange to give this bad, but I guess we are hard this time haha.)

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