The Switch

Title: The Switch
Genre: Comedy
Release: March 9, 2011 (DVD Sweden)
Actors: Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston
Plot: Kassie, a 40 year old women with no kids or husband, decides to get pregnant through insemination. Wally, her best friend is not happy about this. At the "insemination-party" Wally gets superdrunk and accidently spills the sperm from the future father of Kassies baby into the sink. To make up for his misstake he replaces it with his own sperm without telling anyone. 

Ninnie: I really enjoyed this movie! Like alot!
Victoria: Yes ! Me too. You'd think it would be like this normal, average romantic comedy movie with two famous actors, but this one, I thought, had that little extra. It's a neat movie.
Ninnie: Totally. I like both Aniston and Bateman as actress/actor and the kid was really cute. Some parts where really funny, some cute and some sad. Really good mix.  
Victoria: For sure. I'm not sure it's a movie for everyone though. I think it's mainly a chick flick, guys might like it, but I think it's mostly for the female crowd...?
Ninnie: Hm? Maybe so. So any bad/less good parts?
Victoria: Not really. I liked it all the way through.
Ninnie: Me too.

Sum up: Surprisingly good movie! Good actors, nice story, a cozy and funny movie. 


Ninnie: 4,7/5
Victoria: 4,7/5 (copycat haha)

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