The Cove

Title: The Cove
Genre: Documentary
Cast: Brook Aitken, Joe Chisholm,
Plot: A group of activists, that is led by Ric O'Barry, the famous dolphin trainer, travels to a cove near Taijii, Japan to reveal a shocking example of animal abuse and also to tell the people about a serious threat to human health.

Victoria: I must say I really like the fact that they made a movie out of this. And I hate what they are showing.
Ninnie: Totally! It's really interesting and you can learn a few things from watching this.
Victoria:  For sure! Do you find this movie/documentary boring or is it interesting all through?
Ninnie: I wouldn't say it's boring 'cause it's quite touching at some points. But maybe some information is kind of unnecessary, nothing you will think about or take in. What do you say?
Victoria: I agree. I do think they made it quite interesting all through it. So, I wouldn't say this movie is for everyone though. Like if you don't really care about dolphins or how people treat them you probably won't be touched at all, but if you do care I really think you should watch it, you will be touched.
Ninnie: Agree!

Sum up: So, I kind of feel like my last comment there was a bit of a sum up. Really touching story- if you care about living creatures, pretty interesting all through and a quite shocking movie.

Ninnie: 3,8/5
Victoria: 3,9/5

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  1. Seen it a while ago: awesome documentary! Nothing quite like this. It really makes you think about your attitude towards these type of businesses, etc
    Watch it! It'll open your eyes.