The Box

Title: The Box
Genre: Thriller, drama, sci-fi, mystery
Release: March 17 (DVD Sweden)
Actors:  Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, Frank Langella
Plot: The Lewis Family gets a box with a button on it, from a mysterious man. The offer is one million dollar to the price of someones death . They have 24 hours to decide wheather or not to accept the offer.Will they push the button and what will the consequences be?

Ninnie: Let me just start by saying: Baaaad performance by Cameron Diaz. She's suppose to have this Southern accent but it all comes out like a mix and it feels like she's concentrating more on her accent than the acting part. None of it very good.
Victoria: I hear ya. I wouldn't go down too harsh on her though. Cameron Diaz will always be one of my favorite actresses, but I do admit- this wasn't her best performance.  Otherwise- about the movie itself: very good, I must say. Throughout the movie I kept thinking "goodness, what will happen? I have absolutely no idea".
Ninnie: Yes Cameron is one of my favorite actresses too, but disappointing in this movie. Hm? I wouldnt say it was "very good". It was exciting but I just didn't find it very good anyway.
Victoria: It was a little confusing at some points (or I'm just a confused person) but from time to time I wasn't sure wheather or not you were suppose to know what was going on. That doesn't neccesarily have to be a bad thing, it just makes you think. A movie that makes you think will always be more memorable (kinda...) than a movie that just passed you by......?
Ninnie: If you're looking for a good sci-fi movie this is not the right one. Okey I'm coming off all negative, which is not my intention. Because it is a good movie, don't get me wrong.
Victoria: You have to be alert while watching it, otherwise you'll ruin the movie - just a tip. Tell me Ninnie- what DID you like specifically about The Box?
Ninnie: Hm? Well the story is good. And in the end there's some good emotional choices to be made. Which I liked.

Victoria: True. I guess we have some different opinions about this one. We do agree on the fact that it's a decently good movie. The acting part is not as good as it could and should be. But it's worth watching.

Ninnie: 3/5
Victoria: 3.3/5

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