Titel: Kick-Ass
Release: September 15 (DVD, Sweden)
Genre:  Action
Actors: Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Mark Strong, Chloe Moretz, Nicolas Cage
Plot:  Normal/Geeky guy having a dream about becoming a superhero and that's what happens.

Victoria: The movie really does Kick Ass!
Ninnie: Yes, indeed ! One of the best movies I've ever seen.
Victoria: I Agree. Filled with action both young and adults will enjoy.
Ninnie: It also contains humor which pretty much every one will like. Victoria, what do you think- if someone doesn't like comics, will they still enjoy it?
Victoria: Hmm.. My first thought was "Yes, of course", but I mean if you're really not into superheros and such, you might not be as interested in this movie as someone who does like comics would be. But it's still not a "cliché superhero movie" so I think most people will still enjoy it, yes.
Ninnie: Yeah, because it's like a good action movie too, the only difference is really that they have superhero costumes. It was a good movie from the start and all the way through. Victoria did you think it was a predictable movie?
Victoria: Well, it's been a few months since we saw the movie (April, legally in the movies in the States) so I don't actually recall my opinion on that.
Ninnie: Not me either. Though, even if it was - it didn't wreck the movie. I'm a big superhero fan and  I've dreamt about being a superhero, myself, so of course this movie is made for a person who secretly dreams about becoming a superhero.
Victoria: Totally ! Hm, when thinking about what you just said- this movie might not be as entertaining for people who don't enjoy superheros then.... ?

Ninnie: So to sum this up: If you are a superhero fan or ever had a dream about becoming a superhero this is a Must-See.
Victoria: There's a lot of fighting, blood, humor and excitment !

Ninnie: 5/5
Victoria: 5/5

Ninnie: A good start for this blog, Victoria !

Peas and carrots! /V&N

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