Vampires Suck

Title: Vampires Suck
Genre: Comedy
Release:  In the movies now
Actors: Jenn Proske, Matt Lanter, Diedrich Bader, Chris Riggi,
Plot: The Twilight Saga in a whole new perspective.

Victoria: Wow. I thought movies like "Scary movie" and similar had low humor , but I had seen nothing until I saw this one last night.
Ninnie: No, God, this was just the definition of low. I mean sure I laughed at some points but it was mostly 'cause it was that bad .
Victoria: This is a movie you should watch at 2am when you're tired and laugh at anything. You should probably have seen the real Twilight movies before you decide to watch this one, otherwise it won't make any sense- or you're not gonna get the "funny jokes" (ha!) in it.
Ninnie: I'm thinking, if you don't like the Twilight movies, and think they're lame, then maybe you'll enjoy this one. 'Cause they're making fun of everything about it.
Victoria: Indeed they are. What was the best vs the worst about "Vampires Suck"?
Ninnie: I think they portrayed the "real characters" good. Thumbs up for Beckas imitation of Bella. The bad thing is that everything was simply too much.
Victoria: Oh yes. You want to go ahead an sum it up?

Ninnie: If you like movies with really low humor, you'll crack up. 12-15 year old (swedish = "fjortis") you'll probably like it. As for "normal"  people it's a little bit too much. But with some funny parts.

Victoria: 1,5/5
Ninnie: 1,5/5

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  1. Directors/writers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are a plague on cinema. What little humour they come up with is about as funny as the jokes found inside Christmas crackers. These two meatheads simply have no concept of the word 'parody'.