I love you Philip Morris

Title: I love you Philip Morris
Release: August 18
Genre: Comedy, drama, romance
Plot: Steven goes from being happily married to a women to realizing he is gay. His new life involves fraud and constant lying to his new life partner Philip Morris.

Ninnie: Okey, really don't know what to think about this movie. It's good but still pretty "unnecessary".
Victoria: When I was watching it all I kept thinking was "what is this?". Jim Carrey in this kind of movie...? Nah, I don't really know about that. I didn't really understand the deal with this movie, to be honest.
Ninnie: Me neither. I mean at some points I thought "oh maybe it isnt that bad", but really its not my kind of movie at all. Did you think it was exciting V?
Victoria: I wouldn't say exciting- more... I don't know. The only word that comes up in my head is "weird". Haha.
Ninnie: Yeah, exactly. What do you think about the actors performance?
I normally like Jim Carrey- some people do some don't, that's just how it is I think. This movie was just wrong for him- or wrong for me to watch, I guess. The actors did an OK job, not really something that I paid much attention to. What do you say?
Ninnie: I agree about Jim Carrey. I'd say Ewan McGregor did a slightly better job. I believed him being a gay and loving man.
Victoria: Yes. I'm trying to think about something good to say about it, and I can't really think of anything- yet it's not that sucky, don't get me wrong. It's just very unspecial and weird.

Ninnie: Ok a sum up: It's not a horrible movie and it's not a great movie. If you'd like to see Jim Carrey in a different role, then fine, it's an okey movie. It's ok to see if there isn't anything else on TV.

Victoria: 2/5
Ninnie: 2/5

Peas & Carrots/V&N

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