The Last Song

Title: The Last Song
Release:  September 8 (DVD, Sweden)
Genre: Romantic Drama
Actors: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Coleman
Plot: Rebellious teenager reunites/reconnect/stays with her father for the summer, where she meets Will. And summer doesnt go as she imagined.

Ninnie: Okey so this movie was over all good but it's sort of like the writer wants to put every Cliché scenario into the story
Victoria: Couldn't agree more. Some parts are really lame (though other people might find those parts very... good?) but there's definitely parts in the movie that are good. I want to give heads up to the little brother!
Ninnie: Oh yes we love him!
Victoria: So, Ninnie... Would you say that the movie was predictable?
Ninnie: Hm? Yes mostly I could definitely tell what was going to happen. I guess I'd say that was predictable. What do you say?
Victoria: Yeah, I feel the same way. There were never really one scene that shocked or surprised me.
Ninnie: What do you say about the actors performance?
Victoria: As I mentioned earlier, I really liked the Bobby Coleman, who played the little brother. He did great ! The dad was really good too. When it comes to Miley Cyrus, who played the main character, I'm not really sure. The thing is, I am not a Miley fan to begin with and it took me quite a while to actually start to like her. She did alright though.
Ninnie: Considering that she's been playing Hannah Monatana for a couple of years, you'd think she would be a better actress. Although she did pretty good over all.
So who do you think should see this movie?
Victoria: People who like really cheesy romantic drama movies. People who easily cry to movies will defintely shed a tear to this one. Might not reach out all that much to guys?
Ninnie: No definitely not.

Victoria: Let's sum it up, shall we. It's good movie if you ARE looking for a typical romantic drama, and like "the way" movies are usually set up. We would recommend this movie to everyone besides the ones that want to see a more unpredictable movie and wants a little bit extra of everything.
Ninnie: Yep, its sort of like the movie is missing that extra part that makes it memorable.

Ninnie: 3/5
Victoria: 3/5

......Coming up as a requested movie: "Man On Fire"

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  1. Haha... This is so cool! (Not the movie...) The blog!!! Watch This! Not That... Awesome :)
    I'm not sure what I thought of this movie... Saw it on the plane, coming here (Didn't have a choice really...) Well I could have, NOT watched it! (But seeing they were only showing like 4 movies during those 11 hours of sitting there...) I figured I didn't really have anything else to do, besides that! So yeah...
    Did make me cry though... Haha! (Real sad, I know!!!) In my defense... Leaving places behind + watching movies on a plane = not a good cocktail for me!!!
    A movie I did see! (-on that same flight) and which I liked... Was: Just Wright! (With Queen Latifah or whatever her name is...) But yeah... In my universe: Cute :)

  2. Thank you Vicky :P

    Oo, maybe that's a movie we need to watch then.. keep an eye out for it ;)