Title: Watchmen
Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Mystery
Release: August 5, 2009
Actors: Malin Åkerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Jackie Earle Haley
Plot: Someone's killing all the superheros and is also planing to destroy  human life. Who should stop this "someone" if the superheros are all dead?

Victoria: Let me start off by saying I love the special effects.
Ninnie: Okay thank you Victoria you just stole my first line Haha. Kidding. It was an exciting movie, it's just that some scenes (flashback scenes) were to long, you kind of forgot what's happening in present time.
Victoria: I totally hear you. I didn't really get the hang of the complete story, to be honest. Not that I was completely lost, but still.
Ninnie: Agree! What do you think about the acting?
Victoria: No complaints there. No "Wow- performance" from anyone, but they were all OK.
Ninnie: Exactly, it felt like no one was really suitable for their part. They couldn't really live up to their character.
Victoria: Right. I must add, also, that I loved the soundtrack, Really nice selection of songs. Who should watch this movie, Ninnie?
Ninnie: Let me start by telling you who shouldn't watch it. Which is people who doesn't like super heros, who's sensitive with blood and "cruel killing" and  people who get bored easily.
When I think about superheros I automatically think about pure goodness, but in this movie it's not like that. And you don't get the "superhero feeling".

Victoria: So, Watchmen is a really good action movie with even nicer special effects. You should watch it if you really want to WATCH it, because otherwise it might be hard to follow.But really, it is a good movie!

Victoria: 3,6/5
Ninnie: 3,5/5

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